Christ Light and Love ® Healing Session

Christ Light and Love is the name of the modality that I now teach and have been perfecting since I was a child. It encompasses many different energetic delivery methods and is my most powerful healing modality .

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Reiki Level I-II (Reiki Holy Fire III ® )

A gentle hands on healing modality that can rapidly advance both physical, mental and emotional healing. My preferred tool to use when dealing with physical issues.

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ThetaHealing® I-II

ThetaHealing® is best described as a highly energetic form of counseling, where the client is reminded of their innate ability to heal themselves. ThetaHealing is my go to tool for Spiritual Catalyst sessions and to remove mental blocks.

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My approach as a healer –

A true healer will meet you where you are and will not try and do a one therapy or healing session fits all. You have particular needs at particular times – I utilize the healing approach(s) that is most beneficial to your current needs and long-term goals.

I work to combine old Shamanic traditions and Mystic/Gnostic Christian practices to create a unique and powerful healing modality I refer to as “Christ Light and Love.”

Christ Light and Love encompasses many different energetic delivery methods such as “intent/vision” drum sessions, energetic healing & counseling sessions, “Akashic faces” reading, energy field clearing, hands on and off Reiki and remote healing abilities.

Here at the Christ Light and Love Center (Along the Cumberland River here in Burkesville KY Vortex) we also work with powerful “frequency” machines such as PEMF therapy, Led Light Therapy, SCIO and more. I refer to the “frequency” devices we use as “Biohack” tools.

I have trained and worked in behavioral psychology, ThetaHealing Levels I and II, Im a Usui Holy III Fire Reiki Master. As a channel I work with many angels and ascended masters including Jesus Christ, the House of Mary, Buddha, Babaji, Quan Yen, Arch Angel Michael, and the Holy Ghost.

By combining these modalities/techniques/biohack tools, I seek to clear stagnant energy(that prevents healing), remove old religious & societal dogma, and remind others of their innate ability to experience love and healing at its highest frequency- AGAPE! 🙂

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Have you found my site or been drawn to see what Christ Light and Love healing is, I urge you to act now! Is this your first healing session, or maybe you are a healer in need of a little Aura adjustment, I can help!