Group Vision/Healing Drum sessions

Come join Devon on this full moon for a group healing event, as he plays his tongue drum and opens up a healing channel to the heavens. Click here for more information and dates!

Holding and Clearing “Space” 101

We will explore removing negative energies from an East/West perspective including using sound,symbols,oils,smudging and angelic protection. Click here for more information and dates!

Sky Watch / CE5

Public Sky Watch or CE5 (close encounter of the 5th kind) events are held every NEW MOON on the grounds of the Christ Light and Love Center. Come check out some UFOs!! Click here for more details and dates.

Usui Holy Fire III – Reiki “Boot Camp” Level 1-2

This is a intensive and comprehensive 2 day Reiki class, that is designed to foster and nurture the amazing healer that is already inside you. At the end of this course the student will be a certified Usui Holy Fire III Reiki practitioner. This class is designed for the novice to the practicing Reiki practitioner who would like to dig deeper into this practice. There are no per-requisites for this class. More information and class dates here!!

Clinical Grade LED Light Therapy BIOHACKINGClasses and Training

Years ago I was introduced to Clinical Grade Led Light Therapy thru some very high end health clinics. Simply put, Einstein knew that the future of health and medicine would be based on sound, frequencies and vibration. FDA cleared for PAIN and Inflammation, but personal testimony you can find is a mile long. We teach a in depth class on how to fully utilize these lights, that are now affordable enough and easy enough to use the entire family can benefit. Boost Mood, Boost Energy, Boost the Immune system, Improve SLEEP, Decrease PAIN, Improve CIRCULATION, decrease recovery time, improve range of motion, etc . CLICK HERE for more information, class times and public events!!

PEMF – Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy – BioHack Classes and Training

The first time I laid down on a PEMF machine or PEMF Therapy – Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy Mat, I was highly skeptical magnets would help with much of anything (except holding my nephews pictures on the fridge). Withing seconds I was telling the therapist that I was seeing “spiraling” energy that felt like it was flowing thru my veins. Within minutes, I felt a calm, that usually took me several days of “forest bathing” to achieve! My first session was only 15 minutes, but I was astonished at how much pain and inflammation was removed from my body, with out drugs and in so little time! At Christ Light and Love / Healing and Training Center we find abundance in restoring your health and only offer the BEST BIOHACK items(that we also use in our Center)! Having access to the very best biohack devices is only one half of the equation, the other side of the coin is getting the proper training that allows you and your family to truly optimize this powerful tool! PRIVATE AND PUBLIC CLASSES, here – By encouraging you to follow thru with training it ensures you true abundance in health and our future success!

Biofeedback / Bio-resonance Therapy – Classes and Personal Sessions

Many people who work with this tech call it “God in a Box”… Interested to find out why? Click here for more information , personal sessions, and training.