What should I expect from a session with you?

During an initial “Energy Work” session the immediate goal is to remove any negative energies that are not yours. Then to connect you to your “higher self” and align and “power up” your Chakra points.  This can in itself make people feel alive and electrified! The added benefit is you are now able to receive the healing energies from the heavens.

Are instant healings possible?

Yes indeed they are. From my experience instant healing s have a great deal to do with if you are ready to heal and have faith its 110% possible. As a general rule most people have amazing progress over a very short period of time and usually in just a few sessions. Expect rapid healing and release…  Expect miracles!

Do you offer PEMF and Led Light sessions or do you just sell the units?

We offer both PEMF and Led Light sessions in our facility in Burklesville Kentucky, single session(s) or buy a block of sessions at a discount. People visiting the center for overnight or multiple day events are encouraged to experience several sessions in both PEMF, Led Lights and SCIO (bio feed back). We also sell the very same units we use Christ Light and Love / Healing and Training Center, we also offer support/training if you purchase your PEMF or Led Light System thru us or one of our partners.

What does a Intent/vision/healing drum session look like?

The session begins with your aura being cleared with the use of a very powerful “clearing” prayer, smudging and the use of Tibetan clearing bells. The drum is then placed and played in your lap for several minutes and you are placed into a super conscious meditative state. In usually just a few seconds to 1-2 minutes you will begin to receive the vision or the intent that you proclaimed prior to the session. Clients report “dark energy” being removed from their being and a general sense of Joy and Bliss follow. The Chakra is also balanced and weak points are “powered” up. After the music is over, the client then lays back or sits comfortably discussing the current vision they are having or are simply allowed to sit in quite with the Angelic energy that surrounds them.

“You mention you have camping at the center, what types of accommodations are there for RVs or campers”?

At this time we have only primitive camping for both tents and RVs, meaning we have no restrooms and flowing water is only available at the main house. Out of town guests are encouraged to stay at least one night and we have a three night maximum stay for any first time guests. There is a 3 bed Air/BNB cabin that sits just feet from the center that maybe available for guests to rent, for those not wanting to ruff it. Reservations are made by contacting the center directly [email protected]

“how did you help me uncover and heal so much in such a short time”?

Little secret, a good healer knows its not them..   I simply act as the conduit so that Christ, Mother Mary, Buddha, Quan Yen, Babaji, Arch Angel Michael and other ascended masters, angels, and guides can do the real work.

Is Christ Light and Love healing specific to Christians?

No it is not. I have worked with people from every religious faith as well as practicing druids. The energy that comes thru is specific to your needs and is usually your Angelic and Spirit guides.

What healing modality should I choose?

During any given session, I listen to your needs and what you would like to accomplish. I’m experienced enough that I can switch seamlessly from one healing modality to another and weave them together. A energy healing session might include Reiki, ThetaHealing and or aspects of Christ Light and Love. Of course you can request a specific healing modality you are familiar with or would like to experience. I have had folks travel 1000s of miles to sit down with my Vision drum and I feel this my most unique and powerful healing tool.

Customer Reviews..

Within seconds Devon and his vision drum took me to a immediate state of deep meditation.  Mother Mary then greeted me and she was able to answer several life long questions I had.  I’ve had a lot of energy work before, my session with Devon blew my mind and was on a cosmic level! -Steve H-

Just seconds into the healing drum session, 20 years of chronic back pain vanished! – Jenny B

I’ve gone to healers and psychics for over two decades, Devon is the real deal! – Paige K

Devon is the only Channel I know of that facilitates the vision directly to you.  I was able to see and speak directly to my loved ones as well as Jesus Christ.  His sessions are beyond powerful and are life changing! -Julia C-

WOW….your session was extremely productive.   I am so glad I followed the music you were making and my intuition to book a session.  I could hear your drum across Broad Ripple park and was drawn to the sound. I  got my “angelic” message through your steel drum and I was so elated to walk around in bliss for days afterwards! –Elizabeth W

I doubted God and was certain we did not have past lives, I no longer doubt God and have seen some of my past lives… -james S-

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