A litttle about my jouney..

I began working in the Etheric around the age of five, having “conversations” with Jesus Christ and occasionally other ascended masters.  My first etheric “battle” involved a Black Astral being and a simple prayer to “cast” it out. As a child I would see “masks” or other faces that would appear as a overlay on another persons face. I found staring into another persons eyes for more than a few seconds would normally trigger this event. I knew as a child, what I was looking at was the persons soul or the essence of who they where, their past lives. It was not until I formally began to pursue my God given path as a healer that I understood the power of what I now call “Akashic Faces” . Akashic faces is a integral part of Christ Light and Love healing, but it can also be used individually to release past life and current life traumas and cognitive limitations.  This technique also allows me to see “attachments” / “hitch hikers” as well as general imbalances in the persons energetic filed.  On a good day, the technique allows me to see the persons “higher self” or what I consider the persons highest incarnation… You might be surprised to find out your higher self is not of this world, possibly not even human;)

Although I have studied several different energetic healing modalities, my most asked for healing is my channel healing.  These healing sessions are facilitated via a steel drum.   The drum is chakra tuned and is played in your lap.  The music I play induces a very deep meditative state within seconds.  Folks have a very unique experience based on the intent that was proclaimed prior to the session.   My clients have taken past live treks and have received messages from past loved ones.  Multiple times people report speaking directly to Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Angels, etc.. Ive witnessed chronic medical conditions heal during these sessions and more..  What I love about this modality, is that I simply act as the conduit or the channel and you receive the vision , the message, the healing or you see the past life directly..  There is no need for me to tell where you where or what you where doing in another life, you will simply see it for yourself.  There is no need for me to tell you what your past loved needs to tell you, they will simply appear to you and tell you directly.  If Jesus needs to get a message to you, he will deliver it personally to you during the session.

In 2016,  I asked Jesus Christ to show me what it would look like if I surrender ALL my life. I began to see visions of healing centers and my place within these centers. This lead to several spiritual quests where Gods promise and glory was revealed. After being part of a miracle healing in Jesus Christs name in 2017.. I could simply not look back and I began to seek a greater understanding of what Jesus was telling us in Matthew 10:8.  Four years ago the Christ Light and Love Center (in the middle of the Burkesville Kentucky Vortex) was opened and today we offer not only spiritual healing and classes, but we also have several high tech healing tools.  The location of the center was no accident, the property is on 30+ acres with a “Baptismal” pond, Cumberland River access, and has a “Heaven on Earth” feel to it! Of course we are in the middle of Big Foot country and there are tons of sightings, we tend to have multiple night and even day time UFOs show up.. We have lots of activity out here…  Multiple people report being healed and having visions simply walking the property and I consider this sacred land. As this is sacred land, while visiting the center we have a no drugs and alcohol policy.

Next Step…

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