It all began at a young age..

I began working in the Etheric at the age of five, having “conversations” with Jesus Christ and occasionally other ascended masters. My first etheric “battle” was with a dark energy and using a simple prayer to “cast” it out. As a child I would see “masks” or other faces that would appear as a overlay on another persons face. I found staring into another persons eyes for more than a few seconds would normally trigger this event. I knew as a child, what I was looking at was the persons soul or the essence of who they where. It was not until I formally began to pursue my God given path as a healer that I understood the power of what I now call “Akashic Faces” reading. Akashic faces is a integral part of Christ Light and Love healing, but it can also be used individually to release past traumas and cognitive limitations.

The first day of my college career the voice of God came to me explaining that I was going to be working in Behavioral Psychology. Shortly after graduation this revelation came to be. What I did not understand at the time, my time working under the American Psychological Association would only be for a few years. Looking back now, I understand this experience was to strengthen my abilities as a ThetaHealer / Energetic counselor and I still use many valuable Behavioral Therapy tools in my sessions today.

Several years ago I asked Christ to show me what it would look like if I surrender ALL my life. I began to see visions of healing centers and my place within these centers. This lead to several spiritual quests where Gods promise and glory was revealed. After being part of a miracle healing in Jesus Christs name a few years later.. I could simply not look back and I began to seek a greater understanding of what Jesus was telling us in Matthew 10:8.

This lead to an amazing journey of me seeking not only what Jesus was telling us in Matthew 10:8, but what he promises to Gods children in John 14:12-13. This brings us to today where I have found my Love Joy and Bliss by being the conduit for Gods healing energy. I also find great joy in teaching and mentoring others on how to embrace and become the healer they have always been!

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