After one session on Clinical Grade LED Lights, I was amazed and I realized that this tool is truly powerful! Today without hesitation, if someone asks me whats the biggest and best Biohacking machine bang for the buck, I tell them Led Lights! No matter your walk of life, no matter you physical condition, no matter your mental state, no matter your spiritual state, you will find LEDs can propel and excel both your physical, mental and spiritual healing.

Sounds to good to be true? FDA allows us to say they cleared for pain and inflammation, but we feel they are treating people on what we call a Trinity level. When a person is being treated as a mind, body and spirit, healing happens on miraculous levels! When a person sits down with the lights to help heal a bad elbow, the mind and spirit inadvertently will also be treated. When a person sits down with the lights to ,”slow” their mind, the body cant help but be healed. So, what most people who sit down with the lights dont realize is that along with the lights being bright and soothing, they are “broadcasting” the Solfeggio Frequencies or Solfeggio codes into your being! Not by a speaker or audible means, but the lights themselves broadcast the frequency into the very core of your being, Some people can “hear” some of the tones when they are hooked up to LED Light machine.

Like other very useful Biohack tools such as holding and ohming a Mudra, just knowing a bunch of Mudras is not that useful.. What is very powerful and empowering is when someone knows how the mudras allow energy to flow thru certain “channels” of the body.. Yes, LEDs can be very powerful, but on a surface level, they will only allow one to recover so much of their health. If a person knows how to target the Lymph system, target the brain, third eye, charka points and the meridians of the body then the Led Light system becomes a true biohack and can be life changing for a entire family!

Anyone can wield a sword, we teach you how to BIOHACK with LED Lights like a Samurai warrior

We can recommend a system to fit your budget! We are representatives for 2 of the best known, reliable and affordable LED Light systems, made in the USA. We know how valuable a light system can be for you and your family, we believe in one, selling you a system you can afford, and two teaching you how to get the most out of the system with you and your families given needs. We find abundance in your abundant health, click her for Led Light Sales. When you purchase any service or device from us, you are supporting a much larger vision! Our healing center can be visited by appointed or by booking a spa service or overnight stay in one of our cabins. Come relax and heal on a comic level;) fell free to reach out to me at anytime – [email protected]

Upcoming classes on Led Light Biohacking

BioHacking With LED Lights – GeorgeTown Market, Indianapolis Indiana – 9/26/2020 – Tickets here!