Public Sky Watch or CE5 (close encounter of the 5th kind) events are held every NEW MOON on the grounds of the Christ Light and Love Center (my schedule and weather permitting, email for details). Folks camping for 1-3 days/nights at the Center are encouraged to Sky Watch any night during their stay, you are likely to find me doing the same most nights of the week. Occasionally SkyWatch dates will overlay with PRIVATE classes or events at the center, during these times Sky Watch will not be open to the public. Devon heads up the event with a short group meditation and prayer and then we sit back under the stars and watch the Intergalactic Super Highway of UFOs flying above us. Its quite common to see the ships get brighter, or even zig zag in response to our thoughts. Occasionally we see the ships buzz over the ridge on the property and or put on other “displays”. Bring a blanket , lawn chair , binoculars and night vision equipment if you have it. Participants are encouraged to bring a open mind and pure heart and come and see/meet your “Star Family”.

Next PUBLIC Sky Watch / CE5

Sunday September 27th – 7pm, skywatch starts 8:30 PM

Tuesday October 25th – 7pm, skywatch starts 8pm

Camping RV/Tent (No water, No electric) / 3 Bedroom cabin

Please email Devon at [email protected] for reservations and details.