About this Event

Christ told his disciples to “go and cast out and heal in my name.” Throughout time every tribe/race of people have known there are lower entities that can cause depression, anger, fear, anxiety and disease.  Aboriginal Shaman, Tibetan and Hindu Yogis, Lakota Medicine Men, Jesus Christ and the early Christian church had their own ways to “cast out.” Join Devon Wendel of Christ Light and Love Healing & Training Center to explore several techniques to “hold space” from an all-encompassing religious/world view.  The class is designed for everyone, from the Novice to Ministers and Healers, looking to improve their clearing techniques and abilities. Ticket / Donation is $20. The Class is also available to small groups in person and online.

Upcoming times and locations –

Friday October 26th 2022 6pm – 8pm @ Christ Light and Love Center – Burkesville KY

Saturday August 29th 2020, 1pm – 2:30pm @ Georgetown Market, Indianapolis Indiana – Seats Limited – CLICK FOR TICKETS!