Years ago, I was introduced to PEMF or Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy, by a physical Therapist who thought it might help a gate issue I had from a skiing accident. I was amazed! I could not only feel the energy working on my body, but I could also “see” what i described to her as “spiraling energy in my blood and veins’. She told me that was exactly how she was trained to describe the PEMF treatment. One treatment and I was hooked,! later I found that a full treatment for me was a 60 minute session that I couldn’t really afford at my local clinic and the machine I had used would cost me $8000-5000 if I wanted my own… Today QUALITY PEMF machines are far more versatile and more important far more AFFORDABLE!! Where the old “PRO” BEMER/PEMF machines were $8000, the PROFESSIONAL PEMF machines we use start at under 1000 many under 300! We love our new arrangement with our PEMF vendor, we can order mats for you and have them delivered in days, or you can also order direct from the manufacture HERE!

PEMF mats for the most part are strait forward enough. most have 1-2 “programs” that are intended to have a slightly different effect on the body. The programs are actually Hertz frequency that is transmitted thru the Magnetic Pulse Most clinics dont go beyond the 2 frequency settings on the PEMF machine, though most clients are likely to benefit from a more specific Hertz frequency being programed rather than just random Hertz that are found on the typical factory settings. BEHER and other more expensive PEMF machines are limited in that they only run 1-32HZ, the PEMF machines we use will run 1-99HZ giving the user a more specific frequency for their condition. The machines we use come in many shapes and sizes but do not lack in quality and are therefore more versatile and affordable. Most families will find every member of the family can benefit from their use, no matter if its a elderly parent supporting stroke recovery or the semi pro teen athlete wanting faster physical recovery. In our BIOHACKING with PEMF training we cover what all the 1-99Hertz actually target and how to take advantage of all aspects of your PEMF machine! Anyone can wield a sword, we teach you how to become the PEMF BIOHACK samurai warrior! Come visit us if you would like to book a session with one of my favorite health related biohack tools, we would love to have you experience a 30-60 minute PEMF Therapy session! FULL PEMF MAT sessions in Burkesville KY center – are only 28-45usd, or can be packaged with another type of treatment, we also offer a multiple session package or take advantage of all our amazing healing services in a 1-3 day stay at the healing center(packages available).

There are many studies and reports that PEMF therapy supports and helps the following issues and conditions –

*Pain, Inflammation, arthritis, strokes, cognitive decline disorders , bone fractures, ligament issues, Crone disease, IBS, digestive issues, sleep disorders, respiratory issues, lymphatic system, immune system support and more.. Our role is to provide you with the training necessary to know how to specifically use the PEMF devices to assist with recovery of each specific issue. The machines we use in the center and support training for are very simple to use, but like any new technology being able to know what specific frequency or frequencies to use for a specific condition can make all the difference in your recovery and or health goal(s).

Next PEMF Biohack Class –

Anyone who buys a machine direct from us, or via our link (!!!Christ Light and Love PEMF MACHINE partner HERE!!) we will personally coach you and or allow you to attend one of our PEMF classes at no charge.

*We are making no claims that PEMF can diagnose, prevent or cure any disease.